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  • Customized for your people, culture and markets
  • Focus on changing attitudes and behaviors
  • Based upon 50 years of business development & marketing experience
  • Flexible format of half-day, one-day or two-day programs
  • Interactive, hands-on and role playing exercises

A conversation is often the most effective way define necessary changes in marketing and business development to improve business outcomes.  We are in the business of marketing and business development. Our clients are in design, construction and other professional services firms.  We bring focus to changing markets and opportunities.

When your annual meeting or retreat needs an energized, compelling speaker to help your team embrace the challenges facing your firm, put us at the top of your list.      

The Business Development and Marketing Seminars have been revised to include training for all levels of marketing services professionals in 2014.  Complete registration details can be obtained by emailing customerservice@businessdevelopmentpros.org . The Strategic Sales Seminar has been updated to include multiple skill sets training every professional needs to succeed in today's business environment. In addition, we will be introducing a half-day program, Business Development for Beginners.  On top of the basics, we will be presenting communication skills and client personality traits every business development professional needs to be successful.The new program introduced this spring will  be followed this fall with a Marketing Workshop the following day.  If you want information about the the marketing workshop email marketing@businessdevelopmentpros.org

The Program: What is in it for You

Developing A Strategic Sales Process

Learn a proven process for moving a business opportunity forward.  Attendees will be given the Process Matrix, Opportunity Worksheets and Selection Influences forms as they are guided through a practical approach for understanding the dynamics of every opportunity.  Topics covered included:

·The 24/7 Sales Success Formula for Professional Service Firms                         

·How to Identify Selection Influences

·Leading Conversations: How to find out what is really driving client thinking

·Who  is the FRIEND You Need for Success

·10 Proven Questioning Techniques that Reveal Hidden Needs

·When Are Clients Ready to Buy

·Who is Your Real Competition in Any Opportunity

·5 Steps for Turning Technical Staff into Client Development Heroes

You have just been promoted and business development will now be part of your job performance metrics.  Are you prepared?  Maybe you are just starting in the industry and need formal training on the basics of business development. This seminar will allow you to accelerate your performance and achieve your business development goals. The practical seminar will enhance all of your day-to-day business development activities.  Topics covered include: 

· Identifying prospective clients

· Networking tools that build business

· Understanding the Six Degrees of Separation Advantage in Building Business

· The four identities of every client

· How to leverage client loyalty to sell new clients

· The BD Numbers Game: Calls + Meetings + Follow up = Success

· The Secret to Building Relationships and Trust

Every firm in the industry boasts about their loyal clients.  Today’s economic turmoil has forced marketing services professionals to take loyal clients to another level.  The industry now needs Client Advocates.  This happens when you have risen above trusted adviser and client loyalty. The beginner must understand that winning new business is only the first step in creating client advocates. Great business development professionals walk with the client on this journey.

The keynote luncheon presentation will provide proven methods for measuring marketing plan effectiveness.  This program is the foundation of a workshop that was unveiled in Chicago last December.  SMPS chapters or design firms looking for a keynote presentation later this year should email marketing@businessdevelopmentpros.org

Back by Popular Demand: Create a Measurable, Client-Centric Marketing Plan Workshop

Professional services firms--Architects, CPAs, Lawyers, Engineers and Contractors-- are target markets for our personal development, training and consulting sservices.

The Business Development Professionals' workshop that was unveiled in Chicago last December  provides the integral details of how industry professionals can succeed when addressing today's problems.  The positive program builds upon strengths instead of the usual analysis of weaknesses.  Uncover the tools needed to improve your hit rate, capture new clients and create client advocates.  Measuring your investment in social media and establishing metrics for success are also included in the workshop.  The interactive program puts your marketing plan in focus to improve ROMI.

Marketing services professionals who take advantage of this  half-day training program that will improve their abilities to impact their brand, leverage their value proposition and strategically sell their services.  Learn how to impact the higher education, healthcare, corporate and municipal markets. Large firms can schedule the workshop in-house for their entire team. For information email: customerservice@businessdevelopmentpros.org

Training industry professionals to be more effective in acquiring and retaining clients is the key to our business philosophy. Contact us to learn about a program that fits your needs.

We welcome an exploratory conversation with you  to establish an  understanding of your project. 

Business Development Professionals is where experience meets innovation.  Is it time for you to re-imagine the rules for acquiring and retaining clients?  We have evolved our strategic approach to helping industry professionals move their careers forward through a logical approach to building relationships, trust and closing business opportunities.

Our training seminars include:

  • The Business Development Tuneup: Changing Directions in 2014 (New)
  • Create a Client-Centric, Measurable Marketing Plan
  • The New Rules of Business Development
  • Marketing is a Contact Sport: A Strategic Process for Building Business
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers to Improve Service
  • Everything You Need to Know  in Selling
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Building Trust and Lifetime Clients
  • Living with Multiple Generations in the Workforce Today
  • Technical Staff and the Business Development Experience
  • The Business Purpose of  Social Networks: The Key to Brand Recognition 

 Many are undecided about what training to pursue in times of crisis. If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you! Simply let us know what your needs and questions are, and we will create a program to fit your situation.  Call (610) 908-5143.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2001 and has been responsible for providing outstanding sales training and marketing services ever since. Our specialty is in the area of customized, design firm sales and marketing training programs. We recently introduced a Strategic Planning facilitation program as well. Our business is located in suburban Philadelphia .

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