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There are many business development courses in the market today.  We have developed a new, powerful training for anyone in your firm involved with marketing or business development.  Even seasoned veterans will be impressed with the approach in this training. Situation, Method, Action are the building blocks of this interactive program developed by an industry expert with over 20 years of experience. If your firm is looking for something new, something that works, something with measurable metrics, send us an email today.  Marketing@businessdevelopmentpros.org

Business Development Professionals has put together a compelling one-hour program to fit the programming needs of  SMPS Chapters looking for a monthly meeting speaker.  Attendees will discover insights in the following areas:

  • Creating a Business Development Culture in Your Firm
  • How to Transition Technical Staff to Successful Outcomes
  • What is Management’s Role in Changing the DNA
  • Proven Methods for Changing Behavior to be BD Advocates
  • The Process for Keeping Marketing & BD on Track

The transformational training program developed for professionals responsible for business development and marketing was introduced in Philadelphia in June.  This new program expands the Strategic Sales Training seminar to include behaviors, attitudes and cultural changes that have impacted the way clients select firms for design and construction projects.  Research proves that repetition improves long-term learning.  Therefore, each attendee is given a reading assignment in advance of the training.

Since his days running the industry sales training schools for the Prestressed Concrete  Institute, Tryst Anderson has been associated with delivering compelling training presentations to associations across the United States.

Reently we completed four months interacting with the American Institute of Steel Construction in an effort to help their members restore lost market share in the bridge market.  This included a one-day meeting in Chicago and interviews with key staff.  He began the process by visiting with Jeff Sterner, President of High Steel and the Vice Chairman of the NSBA Executive Council to determine the member’s vision for steel’s future in the bridge market.  Tryst recently delivered an Executive Summary of the strategies and tactics that will be needed to expand steel’s presence in the bridge market.   One idea being considered is a one-day training program for fabricators who interact with State  Department of Transportation and other agencies.  The idea is to help the industry build relationships with key decision makers.  Is your association looking to provide members with a valuable resource for improving business?  Invite Tryst to speak at your annual meeting or retain him to develop a custom program.

Other programs include: