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 Our mission is to deliver real change and inspire staff to higher performance in business development and marketing. Clients discover the true path to building business through confident employees making significant client connections. Mr.  Anderson has been involved in training industry professionals for over 10 years.  His positive personality and common sense messages always leave audiences with valuable learning experiences. He brings his passionate and compelling programs to audiences across America today. Our presentations have improved the effectiveness for more than 4200 professionals in diverse industries. The firm has developed and delivered multiple training programs in the areas of  marketing, business development, communications, customer service, workplace issues and branding. We are re-imagining what successful marketing and business development looks like in a revolutionary climate of change.  The principal’s career has spanned a number of creative and technical environments, including sales training, advertising/public relations agencies, the built environment, including engineering/architecture firms  and national trade associations.    Business Development Professionals, founded in 2001, is on the cutting edge of training programs for industry professionals.

The firm has designed instructional materials, integrated role-plays, facilitated group discussions, and incorporated hands-on exercises to ensure a complete training experience. We change attitudes and behaviors in order to jump start training.   Thank you for your interest!

· Thousands of industry professionals have heard our messages of innovation, strategic approach and added value in the marketplace.

· Association members consistently rank Mr. Anderson highest in speaker evaulations at  industry presentations

· 80% of  people attending the business development seminars  rated them excellent or good.

· Improved the sales skills of more than 2400 architects ,engineers and contractors

 · Created  technical staff training initiatives and consulted with individual firms where business development was an issue.

Mr. Anderson has been a member of SMPS since 1994.  He served on the National Mentoring Committee for two years and has been invited to speak at Regional SMPS meetngs.  He is a member of BDI and the SMPS Speaker's Bureau.