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Is Your Firm's BD SMART?

There are many business development courses in the market today. We have developed a new, powerful training for anyone in your firm involved with marketing or business development. Even seasoned veterans will be impressed with the approach in this training. Situation, Method, Action are the building blocks of this interactive program developed by an industry expert with over 20 years of experience. If your firm is looking for something new, something that works, something with measurable metrics, send us an email today. Marketing@businessdevelopmentpros.org

You have just been promoted and business development will now be part of your job performance metrics.  Are you prepared?  Maybe you are just starting in the industry and need formal training. This training will allow you to accelerate your performance and achieve your business development goals. The practical seminar will enhance all of your day-to-day business development activities.  Topics covered include: 

· Identifying prospective clients

· Networking tools that build business

· Understanding the Six Degrees of Separation Advantage in Building Business

· The four identities of every client

· How to leverage client loyalty to sell new clients

· The BD Numbers Game: Calls + Meetings + Follow up = Success

· The Secret to Building Relationships and Trust

SWOT Meets Social Media: A Business Development Goldmine for Creating Lifetime Clients

 Social media and networking is not an either or proposition.  It is simply another tool in your firm's marketing toolkit.  Your traditional marketing tools have to integrate everything you do in social media in order to effectively build your brand and increase client awareness of your value proposition.    BD Professionals is introducing a new seminar this summer to help firms create a seamless integration of these powerful marketing tools.  SWOT Meets Social Media can be delivered in a three-hour, in-house format for firms seeking a customized presentation of their current situation. 

Living Through a Crisis with Effective Marketing and Business Development Strategies:

 What are the rules for marketing professional services in a time of crisis?  Do you approach clients the same or are you ready to learn new techniques?  The seminar we introduced in March helps you chart a course toward success on this new journey.  Is your hit ratio and client retention high enough today?  This is the training you need to sharpen skills and strengthen client relationships.

Business Development Professionals continues to offer the Fusion Seminar as individual training in business development and marketing.

Client loyalty, strategic sales, networking and hot markets will be the focus of the half-day business development program.  Social networking, marketing trends, branding and public relations will be among the topics of the half-day marketing program.